Sunday, March 25, 2007

How Can I Support Katie's Campaign for LLS?

(1) Forward this blog/website to Friends, Family, Organizations, Churches and Businesses.

(2) Corporations/Businesses Can Make Matching Donations.

(3) Corporations/Businesses Can Be Corporate Sponsors for the Woman of the Year Campaign.

(4) Charitible Donations Can Be Made for the May 6, 2007, Event at James River Cellars. (Food, Linens, Band, Utensils/Paper Products, Beverages, Raffle Items.)

(4) Charitible Donations Can Be Made for the May 18, 2007, Grand Finale Event. (Beverages, Food, Silent Auction Items (Minimum of $50 Value.)

(5) Purchase of Tickets to the Wine Event on May, 6, 2007, and/or to the Grand Finale Event on May 18, 2007, at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Note: Tickets will be sold on

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